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Anthony James Murray - January 9th, 2010


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Check out the head of dark hair! Kinda camera shy! Ute gear already waiting for him
Aunt Kristen and Great-Grandma Cordova Still sleeping. No crying, no fussing. Clasped hands - how cute!
Clasped hands - better image With Aunt Anita Getting heavier to hold by the minute
Chatting with Kari. Pinto still sleeping peacefully What a great baby! So content. Chunky monkey and skinny Minnie
With Aunt Kristen Solid legs. Future linebacker, maybe? Mother and son
Day 2 - Ready for Game Day! August 2010! August 2010!
August 2010! Dressed As A Nutcracker - Cyclo-Cross Race - 10-27-12 Mickey Mouse U of U Shirt - 03-20-2013
2013 School Pic - Dancing Moose School 2019 School Pic 2021 School Pic
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